The City of Oikon, this campaign’s primary setting, sits on the corner of a seaside cliff. At it’s core are a heavily fortified cluster of towers, but around these is a large city center: busy workshops, bustling markets, myriad shrines, mansions, and tenements, all packed in tightly within the semicircle of the city’s high wall. The wall is relatively featureless, exempting it’s one large gateway (facing west and away from the sea) and the large stream that issues out from Oikon and into a surrounding area of well-irrigated farmland.

This farmland contains a number of wooden structures (mostly barns but also one or two clusters of domiciles), and it too is ringed by an outer wall (though this outer wall seems somewhat less impregnable). A well maintained road lead’s westward from the Oikon’s main gate and through the farmland.

Oikon is a large trading hub and the main regional power. It rules directly over a set of surrounding townships (including one smaller city to the north) and indirectly over a wider group of towns and villages in the periphery. Taken together these regions are referred to as ‘the empire of Oikon,’ simply ‘the empire,’ or confusingly just ‘Oikon.’ Depending on who you ask, Oikon’s influence can be ascribed to the disciplined might of it’s military force (the Civil Guard ), the fact that it sits on top of the safest port on its coast, or to the security and fair dealing ensured by its uniquely enlightened and well enforced Law.

it’s populated by a wide variety of People and full of spiffy Places


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